Our instructors will customize the training and practice according to each student's individual needs.  

As a student you will have the opportunity to learn all 3 techniques: Classics, Hybrids, Volume, as well as the fundamental theory. 

The class is an in-person class, the duration of the class is 7 days however we only meet in person on day 1 and day 7 of the class. Usually 2 Sundays from 11:00 am - 5:00 pm.  

Day 2-6 is practice from home plus a zoom class on one day of the week (time selected during first day of class). 

  • Included in the price is a professional lash master kit which is valued at $600 and brings all the necessary tools to work in class and for your first 15-20 clients.  
  • The total value of the class is $1,700. You can reserve your seat with a deposit of $250, this deposit gets credited to the balance.  You have the option to pay the remaining balance of $1,450 one week before class begins.
  • You can also choose from our financing options and payment plans available via Affir/shoppify, just follow the steps at checkout.
  • Small classes to ensure you are getting the hands-on attention you deserve.
  • Upon graduation you will automatically become a member of our team  and receive discounts + support system for life! Our complete LASHREV Kit includes  the necessary tools you need to start your career as a lash artist right away.
  • Two days of on hands education with live models under the direct supervision of our professional educators that will not leave you feeling rushed or confused.  Our curriculum is designed to introduce lash theories and the fundamental art of the lash extension application and it's techniques including:
  • Classic, Volume and Mega Volume techniques

Lash styles such as Cat Eye, Dolly, Kim K, Wispy, Squirrel and more!

  • Develop tweezers techniques
  • The eye anatomy
  • Eye and Face studying while mapping sets
  • The eyelash growth cycle
  • How to prevent infections
  • Allergies, Irritations vs Infections
  • Unique LASHREV fanning methods using Advance Volume lashes for pinch method, Easy fans and pro made fans. 
  • Fill techniques
  • How to properly remove extensions
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Become your own boss and learn how to properly market your business
  • Building your clientele
  • In depth product knowledge - learn about curls, diameters and length
  • Photo editing skills
  • The importance of priming and after care
  • The most complete lash kit included in training
  • Lifetime Membership with discount code
  • Access to our unique support group
  • Booking appointments, Social Media and more!

Space is limited !!

You can RSVP with just $250.


Space is very limited so we highly recommend to enroll as soon as you can.